$10,000 for After Hours' 10th Birthday! Make Your Impact Grow!
From RAHtarian Jeremy Moritz~
In Spring 2021, Rotary After Hours will be celebrating our 10th Birthday. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for the Rotary Foundation!
Sign up between now and November 1st and Marissa will personally match (up to a total of $500) for any new Rotary Direct Annual Fund sign up of $5/month or more.
For those who have already signed up for the Rotary Direct Annual Fund, increase your monthly amount to the Annual Fund by $5/month or more.
But... there's more! After the 8/25 Rotary meeting, I was reflecting on what Rotary has done for me and who it has helped me become and it truly means a lot to me.
Then I was thinking about Marissa’s goal of our club reaching $10,000 in annual giving and wanted to help come up with ideas to help her reach that goal and came up with this.
Up your game and do $10 for $10K!
For every person who either starts giving at least $10/month or increases their existing giving by $10/month, I will increase my monthly contribution by $5.
I will do this for up to 10 members and therefore increase my giving by an additional $50/month.
A gift of $8.33/month gets us to $100/member/year. Any amount helps change the world.
Thank you to RAHtarians Elise Anderson, Liz Evans, Jennifer Luedtke, Shane Stuhr, Ashley Santolin and Madeline Behringer for increasing your giving or recently signing up for Rotary Direct!
Thank you to everyone for considering a gift to the foundation! 
To donate, you must first log in or sign up for MyRotaryThis is a separate login/account from your ClubRunner (rotaryafterhours.org) login.
Look complicated? It's not! 
  1. Go to https://my.rotary.org/en/
  2. Click on Sign In To My Account.
  3. If you are a first time user, click on Register in the upper right hand corner.
  4. Fill in the Account registration information and click on Continue.
    1. If club number is requested we are club #83721. Our District is #6250 your ID# can be found on the label of your Rotarian Magazine (or email Marissa for it!).
  5. You will be informed that an e-mail has been sent to you.
  6. Check your email for the address you provided. You will receive a message which will ask you to click on the blue link to finalize the process.
  7. Fill in all the mandatory information and click on Create account.
  8. Click on Continue and you will be taken to your MyRotary!
From there you can sign up for Rotary Direct at:
Signing up for MyRotary will allow you access the Rotary International website, learn more detailed information including your contributions to the Rotary Foundation, information on After Hours, and information on our Rotary District. 
Any Questions or Troubles? Reach out to Marissa or Jeremy. We are happy to help and appreciate your support.
All my best! ~Jeremy