Posted by Dustin Luecke on Nov 14, 2019
A good idea goes a lot farther with a little help from the Rotary Foundation
Want to make an impact? Of course you do; you're in Rotary.
With the help of District and Global Grants funded by the Rotary Foundation, you can multiply that impact. All it takes is an idea to get started.
RAH has already done some incredible work thanks to this funding. Three members shared their experience at a recent meeting.
Lisa Kobs spoke about the ongoing partnership with Gundersen Global Partners. Through this local group, RAH used various grants to help raise $50,000 to fund cervical cancer screenings in Nicaragua. Kobs shared how Nicaraguans look to mothers as a leader in family life. That means, having resources to prevent a deadly disease for these women benefits everyone's health.
Another example of RAH making a big impact abroad comes courtesy of Laura Lee, who talked about the efforts to build classrooms for students in Patewo, Uganda (near Lake Victoria). Using $17,000 raised from The Ugly Sweater 5K (register now!) RAH secured District matching grants of $5,000. Adding that to $2,500 from Onalaska's Church of Christ, RAH contracted a local builder in Uganda to construct the classrooms. Since that effort, Lee said three more buildings have been added to the school.
Finally, after happening upon a Rotary meeting while traveling in Valladolid, Mexico, Josh Mansee learned of a local project to provide clean water. Returning home, Mansee thought to raise $1,000 to buy a water filter for the school in Valladolid. Thanks to matching grants, that initial $1,000 turned into $6,000--enough for six filters. After a few return trips, the tally is now up to 12 filters and an international friendship continues.
"It's something that everyone can do," said Mansee.
That's the call to action for RAH members.
This month, everyone is invited to consider a recurring monthly gift to the Rotary Foundation. By doing so, we help fund these projects and all the work supported by these grants. And, for RAH to qualify for Global Grants, our club must contribute $100 per member per year. At $8.33 a month, it's a small price to pay to make a big impact.
Consider making a monthly gift by clicking here. Make sure to choose Annual Fund when choosing where to contribute.