On Sunday night, June 6, strange dreams visited upon many RAHtarians.

Dreams of a huge field and cars descending upon it, needing to park. Imagine car after car bearing down upon you, needing guidance to a very specific location. To a tiny pink flag. It is dusty. It is dirty. It is sunny and hot. Now and again a driver does not seem capable of understanding basic directions. Once in a while, someone wants to park somewhere other than where you are directing them. Wait, are these dreams or are they nightmares?
Well, yes, volunteering for the parking crew at Deke Slayton Airfest 2021 was challenging! However, the job was well worth it. Our club volunteers earned cash money, baby! Money that will go into RAH’s funds for us to do great work in our community and beyond. As a bonus, we were treated to the astonishing sights of pilots barreling, looping, and tomahawking their planes, thruster-blasting their way into the hearts of the amazing crowd we helped park.
Thank you to all who sacrificed peaceful Sunday night dreams to benefit RAH!