1,800-lb sack of Meadowlark Rye, anyone?

You’d have to go to the La Crosse Distillery and take a tour to believe your own eyes how big those bags are. The rye is bound for a hammer mill to be pulverized and mashed and pumped into the still. Yes, a still. To make liquor. But this isn’t the backwoods of Arkansas folks, we are talking about some serious technology. Our guide gave us some laymen’s terms, though. He compared the action of the still to the video game Donkey Kong. Molecules keep advancing to the top and the ones that make it end up being bottled as spirits while the molecules that get kicked back go through the process again until they make it. Distillery!
Worry not, if the chemistry behind it sounds a bit more educational than you’d like, there is also a tasting as a part of the tour. We all were able to sample various spirits and order off the delicious menu. RAH knows how to pick the hot spots for socials! Make. sure to join us.