District 6250 Partners for Ukraine – Join us!

Rotarians are responding to the urgent need for humanitarian assistance for the people of Ukraine. The unprovoked Russian invasion has devastated cities and sent millions of refugees seeking safety in surrounding countries, all of which have Rotary clubs providing direct help to desperate people from war-torn Ukraine. Our District International Service Committee working with our District 6250 Foundation, has established the Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief Fund. Already we have raised over $41,000 towards our District goal of $100,000.
Funds will be sent to Rotary clubs or Districts providing direct assistance to Ukrainian refugees or to legitimate organizations responding to the needs of Ukrainians and refugees. We have already identified three Rotary efforts involving Rotary clubs with whom our district has had past working relationships.  Feel to support them all or just one club or effort specifically.
Rotary Club Kyiv International, Kiev, Ukraine – Ms. Oksana Tjupa, Past President, Current Secretary.
Introduction:  Oksana initially worked with Madison After Hours (later Fort Atkinson) and Madison Downtown on a Global Grant that is currently under review at the Rotary Foundation.  The following from Oksana Tjupa regarding the actions being undertaken by her club.
Project:  In partnership with the US-Ukraine Foundation (to transfer funds to the Ukraine) we are currently providing aid for Ukrainian women and children who have fled Russian-occupied combat zones.  Our centers for the reception and support of refugees provide housing, medicine, food, and other basic necessities. These centers are located in Rakhiv, Polyanytsya, and Uzhhorod, and in the United Territorial Communities (UTG) near the borders of Poland and Romania.
Request:  The situation in Ukraine is critical, everyday people die. We actively help women and children. Could you help with a donation?  Can you please help us?
Rotary Club het Hoogeland, Warffum, the Netherlands – Ms. Francie Kaaijk, Past President, District Governor Nominee Designate.
Introduction:  Francie convinced nearby Rotary Clubs to join her club in funding and becoming the international partner for the La Crosse mobile hospital Global Grant.  She led a Friendship Exchange to Wisconsin in the fall of 2019 and helped organize the Dutch end of the District 6250 Friendship Exchange that visited her area in May of 2019.  The following from Francie regarding the actions being undertaken by her club.
Short-term Project:  This past week our small city of Warffum (population 2,500) accepted 100 Ukrainian refugees who are being housed in a largely unused senior residence called Warfheem.  They came with nothing.  Our town folk, our Rotary Club and our city, county and provincial governments are trying to make them feel welcome and to help them cope.  This is very difficult given the language barriers and the situation.  This is a short video mostly in Dutch but with some English:  https://fb.watch/bS5J66c-IA/
Long-term Projects:  We have developed a Work Group that includes Rotary Het Hoogeland, the local churches and the Festival at Roakeldais (international dance festival with its own grounds) to help the refugees in the long-term with both physical and mental needs.  They are receiving 60 euro per week from the Dutch government, but the needs are higher, think of phone costs to communicate with their husbands and sons still in the Ukraine.  Our Rotary District is helping us as well.  It is very sad and everyday more refugees arrive in the Netherlands and need places to stay. 
Request:  We are not complaining, our small town is very welcoming to our new neighbors.  They came with nothing.  I can assure my friends in District 6250 that any help you can provide will be put to good use.  I will keep you informed. 
Rotary Club Olsztyn Varmia, Olsztyn, Poland – Ms. Irma Kaminska, Past President and District Disaster Grant Manager (all of Poland).
Introduction:  Irma and her entire club made a virtual appearance at our 2019-20 Virtual Conference to tell us about the Social Kitchen Global Grant they did with the help of Beaver Dam, Mayville, Columbus, and Waupun Rotary Clubs.  She attended the District 6250 dinner party at the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg and she was planning a Friendship Exchange with our District until recently.  The following from Irma Kaminska regarding the actions being undertaken by her club.
Short-term Projects:  1) Transport of Ukrainian refugees from Polish-Ukrainian border to Polish cities; 2) Equipping for basic needs: cloths, hygienic materials, medicines, food, blankets etc.; 3) providing accommodation and support in finding the accommodation for Ukrainians refugees, mostly mothers with kids and orphans; 4) helping with social security matters: health care, education for children and kids care; 5) helping with finding jobs and becoming independent
Long-term Projects: 1) Orphanage set up for Ukrainian children (renovation of the building and purchase of required equipment). This is a project with cooperation Olsztyn district county office, which will operate the orphanage. The total estimated budget for this project is $35,000. As RC Olsztyn Varmia we are planning to participate for about 30-50%.  2) Home appliance rental for Ukrainian refugees in their set-up for accommodation in Poland: Olsztyn and nearby (e.g. fridges, cookers, cooking equipment, beds, etc.). The equipment once not needed will be donated to social care organizations we are cooperating with. Here the total budget is still being estimated but is expected to be more than $50,000.
Request:  I ask District 6250 Rotarians to support us monetarily.  An important note: the situation is changing very dynamically.  Our Rotary District is developing specific disaster relief plans.  We are taking an agile approach in terms of the short-term support provided to Ukrainian refugees. At the same time, we would like to focus on the long-term projects. Will keep you posted on the needs and our projects in Olsztyn and in Poland as they develop.
You can make a difference by donating to The District 65250 Foundation Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief Fund . With the assistance of our District International Service Committee, the District Foundation Board will send funds to legitimate organizations responding to the humanitarian needs of Ukrainians and refugees. Donations by credit card using the Donate Now button at https://www.rotary6250.org/50254/Page/Show?ClassCode=Page&Slug=district-6250-foundation. A check can be sent to: Rotary District 6250 Foundation, Inc., c/o Treasurer Val Schroeder, 1723 Chadbourne Ave, Madison, WI 53726.
A generous Rotarian has offered to match up to the first $5000 raised between April 1st and April 20th. You can double your impact by giving now.
We have an opportunity to do our part not only to provide humanitarian relief , but to stand in solidarity with the brave people of the Ukraine as they fight for freedom.  More than the Ukraine is as stake. We who have been so blessed by freedom realize that dictators unchecked are dictators unleashed. If such naked aggression is rewarded, who will be next?  Thank you for considering a gift to this District 6250 campaign.
Chuck Hanson, Chair – International Service Committee