Brave Rotarians took on below freezing morning temperatures and snow to lend a hand in the bluffs!


Mike O’Brien, with Friends of the Bluffs, was our guide. Mike led us through successful Buckthorn removal. He also informed us that a Rusty Patch Bumblebee hive was recently discovered on the Dobson tract we were cleaning up. The Rusty Patch bee is an endangered species and garnered the attention of the Wisconsin DNR and University of Minnesota researchers. RAH can add improving habitat for endangered wildlife to its accomplishments!
You had to be careful though, not too many Rotary volunteer opportunities involve yelling “look out below” or “watch your head!”. We got through it without any injuries, and in the end were treated to an amazing view as Mike took us on a tour. Viewing dowtown La Crosse and the backdrop of the Minnesota Bluffs in a morning haze was beautiful.
Shout out to Brad, Neil, Ben, Becky, Mari, Dustin, Katelyn and Aaron for getting up early and getting out there in the cold to get ‘er done! RAH!