"Cows Can Save the World"

A new life, born at a Rotary meeting! Yes, a sweet baby calf came into the world moments before our club walked up to the pen to see. Guided by farmer Louisa, we admired the little creature as it’s mama licked its fur. The baby tried to get up on spindly legs, wobbled, and lay back down.
We continued on through the Creamery Creek Holsteins Dairy farm. We saw a 5-million gallon manure pit, and we were told the smell only gets real bad when they agitate it before application to fields. The farm is pretty darn close to town so Louisa said they don’t agitate the pit during Homecoming week.
We saw hutches with brand new calves, their white and black fur still shiny and new. We walked all over the farm. Louisa pointed out aspects of the operation, how they produce the feed, how they milk the cows. The tour ended with a glimpse of the milking parlor where the mama of the new baby calf we saw was getting her ‘fresh’ milk ready for the baby. Then we got ice cream! A fantastic meeting for RAH!
If you'd like to watch the meeting in full, check it out here