Please give a warm RAH welcome to our newest member, Courtney Garrels!


A West Salem native, Courtney Garrels heard about RAH from her good pal, Madeline Behringer. “It sounded like a fun way to get involved and find more volunteering opportunities!” says Courtney. She's come to the right place! 

Courtney spends her work days selling produce to area grocery stores as a sales rep for Russ Davis Wholesale. She holds a bachelor's degree from Winona State University where she studied advertising and studio art. It's no surprise that outside of work, Courtney loves graphic design and painting. We've already hit her up to commission some art work for RAH!

Think you're seeing double? Courtney has a twin sister! If she isn't at work and you happen to be at Blue Moon, it's a good chance it's her grabbing a drink and bite to eat. If not there, she's likely at home with her pet bunny, Buddy! (She just bought a new house - Congrats Courtney!) She also enjoys hiking for all you nature enthusiasts out there wanting to meet up with her for some hiking in the bluffs.

Help make Courtney feel welcome by asking to see some of her art at the next RAH event!