Jennifer Luedtke & Emily Nolte accept RAH leadership positions!
We are happy to share that Jennifer Luedtke has accepted the Vice-Chair of the Membership Committee. She will work with Morgan Stittleburg, Chair and others on the committee. If you are interested in helping our club expand our reach by attracting new and engaging existing members, the Membership Committee is one to check out! React out to Morgan or Jennifer for more information. 
We are also excited to share that Emily Nolte has accepted the Vice-Chair of the Service Committee, working with Katelyn Doyle, Chair and others on the committee. If you are interested in identifying and/or organizing local service projects that address our communities needs, the Service Committee might be the place for you. Reach out to Katelyn or Emily for more information. 
Emily has also agreed to represent Rotary After Hours on the Leadership Series Committee. Thank you Emily!
If you are not a part of a committee, we encourage you to check out the various committees and align yourself with the one(s) you're most interested in or passionate about. Just like a job, it's important you enjoy what you're doing and the same goes for aligning yourself with one of your many committees. Joining a committee is a great way to build deeper friendships with club members while living out the Rotary Motto of "Service Above Self!" If you have any questions on what committees there are, please reach out to Marissa, any of the Committee Chairs/Vice-Chairs or any board members. We'd love to have a conversation and share more information.