Trinity Lutheran Church’s skyline overlooked a beautiful group of people enjoying the Community Block Party on Monday night, August 15th.

Pastor Phil put together a great evening. With the help of many volunteers, a good bit of fun played out on the north side of La Crosse. Cheerful bells from the sightseeing trolley matched the pitch of laughter as children ran to the bouncy house or smacked birdies on the badminton court.
La Crosse’s legendary Sweet Shop brought out the old school ice cream, chocolate and vanilla! Margarita’s forearms MIGHT just be stronger for it, too. Linda’s Bakery, also legendary, put forth amazing buns for brats and dogs. As people loaded dinner plates in the food tent, others belted out John Denver’s “Country Road” along with the band near the music tent.
Inside the church a calm, peaceful quiet contrasted the activity outside. Families cycled through this area, receiving sneakers and school supplies for kids, feeling grateful for a community of caring individuals.
We also bumped into Lurch with Bikers Against Child Abuse and he gave us the details on their November 12th Soup Cookoff. How cool to have awesome groups in our community strengthen each other through social fun and fellowship. Trinity Community Block Party is a great example.
Thank you, everyone! Go RAH!!