Happy October RAH!
Rotary recognizes October as Economic and Community Development Month. October 24th marks World Polio Day- always observed on the 24th which happens to be Jonas Salk’s birthday - the man who discovered the polio vaccine. Many of us were very young (or not even born!) when Rotary started its efforts to eradicate polio from the world 35 years ago. Worldwide, Rotarians have saved 19 million children from paralysis and 1.5 million from death. If we were to stop vaccinating, it is estimated that there will be 200,000 new cases of polio per year. Stay tuned for further communication on our club’s World Polio Day fundraising event/social!
It’s been another great month to be a Rotarian, and look back with pride on what we’ve all accomplished together. September was full of opportunity for us. We continue to ADAPT to the COVID environment with planning safe outdoor/virtual meetings, socials and small group service events.
We made an IMPACT in the community by ushering at the La Crosse Community Theater’s drive in performances and cleaning up garbage bags full of trash along the Mississippi River. Thank you volunteers!
We continued our REACH into the community with the formal presentation of our club and district grant’s $10,000 to Nate and Isaiah at The Good Fight. This money will support the project to purchase a van to transport their youth. We celebrated Dustin Luecke as our September Rotarian of the Month and we welcomed a new member, Kristin Swartz!
The Doyle family hosted us at an outdoor social at their farm where we learned about their alpacas and goats and ENGAGED in each other’s company. It was great to have a number of RAH kids join us and to see the sheer delight the animals brought to everyone’s faces. Thank you Stephanie, Katelyn & Stef for a fun night outdoors.
Rotary offers endless opportunities. I hope you are finding our After Hours meetings, socials and service events to be fun and a respite from the stress and anxiety many of us have/are experiencing in life right now. If we haven’t seen you in a while, come join us. We miss you!
Stay healthy and well!
Marissa Dickinson
P.S. Don't forget, you have until November 1st to take advantage of Jeremy & my "$10,000 for our 10 Year Birthday" Challenge Match to the Rotary Foundation! Reach out with any questions. Thanks to all who have signed up!