Riverfest La Crosse is the best party on the Mississippi and its become a yearly tradition for Rotary After Hours to help set up the fencing. 

Where do you want to do physical labor? Rhetorical question. You want to do it with a view of the Big Blue Bridge to your south; Pettibone Beach over the main channel to your west; and a thunderhead disappearing to your northeast having just rampaged through La Crosse. You want to swing for the fences. Riverfest fences. Just like a bunch of RAH-tarians did this year to prepare for La Crosse’s big fest.
Whether you are working your arms, shoulders, and legs operating a fence-pounding steel pipe rig; or unrolling log-size sections of fencing; or locking composite zip ties; you’re good to go! Workin’ it up with fellow RAH-tarians and earning a dime for the mothership, RAH!
Did you know we have an engineer in our ranks who cheerfully takes on leadership duties in this yearly project? Did you know one among us is an integral part of the pre-eminent General Contractor in La Crosse and can put together a job-site with the best of them? At a job like RAH’s annual Riverfest fencing project you can look to the north, east, south and west and see fellow rotarians with every skill. What RAH has is YOU, and the club is incredibly grateful for every day you participate and RAH-ck rotary with us. Thank you.