The results are in!

The RAH sHARks have decided! Five equally worthy projects swam with the sHARks at our April 13 meeting, all vying for a bite at up to $5,000 funding from the club and a possible District Matching Grant to double the total.
After the pitches and voting, the plan to purchase solar panels for the Dignity Homes La Crosse project ended up as the front-runner.
The event provided entertainment, education and opportunity.
Here's a quick summary of the projects:
  • Dignity Homes is a Beer By Bike Brigade project that will offer permanent, affordable housing for individuals and families in our area experiencing homelessness. The buildings will be energy efficient and will be outfitted with solar panels purchased by Rotary After Hours!
  • AngelEye Cameras: A camera system that allows 24/7 live-streaming video of Gundersen's NICU, decreasing parental anxiety and promoting family bonding
  • Hope Restores Van: Purchase a 15 passenger van for Hope Restores allowing them to better support the African American community in the La Crosse area
  • HorseSense Pasture: Assist with the electrical, plumbing and fencing needs for the organization's new pasture, increasing their capability to provide animal-assisted therapies to individuals with disabilities and/or those feeling loneliness and anxiety or depression
  • YMCA Food Pantry: Purchase a commercial refrigerator and freezer along with shelving units and a table on wheels to meet the growing needs of fighting hunger in order to fuel futures
To see Left Fin sHARk surprise the winning RAHtarian, check this video out.
Congrats and thank you to our members who pitched five great projects!