Dun-uh. Dun-uh. Dun-uh. Iiiittttt'sss sHARk Tank Time!

Will you swim with the sHARks and find a worthy project to make our community or world a better place? We are hoping several After Hours members will take the plunge. You are encouraged to partner up and seek out projects to make our community a better place! Reach out to friends/family/your favorite non-profit about what kind of projects are needed or could be done for our community. At our April 26th club meeting, give a 5-6 minute pitch on why the rest of the RAH sharks (other club members) should invest their shark bucks in your project. 
Total money up for grabs is $5,000 of our hard-raised club funds and additional $5,000 district matching grant for a total of $10,000! 
Members will have the chance to ask questions after each pitch and will then vote for your top choice project to support over the next year.
  • Each project only has 5-6 minutes to get pitched (A RAHtarian must pitch the project. No ringers!) Never seen Shark Tank on tv? Check out an episode here
  • The project must fit the District Grant criteria (Liz Evans and Josh Mansee are great resources to answer any questions you may have!)
  • Your project must involve Rotarians in some way- the more involvement the better
  • Project must start after July 1, 2022 and finish before May 15, 2023 
  • Members will vote via sHARk bucks
  • This is sHARk Tank 3.0 and each year we learn and adapt; there may be changes during the year and we appreciate your flexibility!
Need ideas or inspiration? Check out our District's Foundation page for projects other Rotary clubs in District 6250 have done or spend some time in Rotary International's Project Showcase to see countless projects Rotarians have done to change the world! It even lets you explore by an Area of Focus if one of the seven are of particular interest to you!
Our La Crosse Community Foundation provides a list of area non-profits. Check it out! They all could use our help.
Other ideas include:
Park additions
International projects
River conservation
Water project
Environmental Projects (Hixon, etc)
Fighting Hunger
sHARk Tank 2020 Project Pitches
sHARk Tank 2021 Project Pitches
There are so many opportunities and needs to lift people up and help out our community and we need YOU to help find and pitch those projects.
Together, RAH has no limits on what we can do. Swim with the sHARks on Tuesday April 26th!