“Look, it’s the Leaning Tower of Cottage Chee-Sa!” Laura said.

Pallets full of highly-stacked boxes inched precariously into place, pushed by a forklift as Rotarians gathered for the WAFER food fair. Despite some “Oooh” and “Ahhh”-inducing sways, the boxes made it into the line-up. Nothing fell. 
And so began a late-Saturday-morning volunteer gig for RAH. We had a cool gang of folks there, ready to serve! Our group ran the gamut: We had several charter members as well as a prospective member who actually turned in a club application on site! Our oldest …err, …wisest volunteer was 45 and our youngest was a 6-year old. Thanks, Bentley! There were even volunteers who were volunteering! Laramie and Lucas brought their ‘Little’ along, from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Way to go, Zach!
With Covid protocols in place we placed boxes and products into cars and trucks. “We got a back-seater!” the front of the line would holler to the back when a vehicle didn’t have room in their trunk.
We distributed frozen meat, cottage cheese, butter, peaches and pears, whole chickens and chicken legs. We gave out cookies and mangos and bread. The people loved us! And our President hawked hot dogs like a pro. Marissa is ready for Loggers Field.
And, like true Rotarians, we got the job done! There was nothing precarious about our crew. Solid as a RAH-ck! Thank you, everyone.